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Are you paying a Judgment Broker 10% for Leads? ARE YOU NUTS!

In a year’s time you end up paying $25,000.00 or more when you can get leads here!

You have taken the first step entering the Judicial Judgment Recovery Business! Or perhaps you have been in the Judgment Enforcement Industry for a while.
Either way, I offer a business opportunity you can’t afford to pass up. The Groups and Associations you joined give you the “How to’s”…

I bring you the Leads! Rather than waste your time and postage and gas money driving to the courts on soliciting Judgment Creditors I will bring them to you! I am not in competition with those groups, in fact I belong to one and many of those members enjoy my service. Although thousands of judgments are awarded throughout the United States in all 50 States You are not getting any of them or very few if your website (if you even have one) isn’t even showing up on the first 10 pages of the search engines. JudgmentEnforcementAgency.net Is a TOP RANKING PAGE In EVERY STATE!

Getting leads fast and passing them to my members for far less expense than they spend at the courts and post office!


Why am I doing this?

12 years ago I was looking for a change in careers,  the Judgment Enforcement / Judgment Recovery business jumped out at me. I became well versed in New Jersey & Florida Judgment Enforcement. I built up my lead base and in doing so I spent hundreds of hours marketing and getting internet exposure. I no longer enforce judgments as my time is dedicated to marketing nationwide to bring these leads to you!

Methods work well…

More leads than I can handle one in, not only in Florida, but in California, Texas, Nevada, Tennessee, Maryland, Georgia, New York, New Jersey and all the other states. (Sorry that was a little SEO at work there).

Why pass them up or let them go out the window when I can pass them on. But then again I do have expenses in keeping the judgment enforcement web sites up and the Toll Free numbers.

I figured why not…

Judgment Enforcement people such as yourself will receive the leads at huge savings. There are no commissions to pay. No Co-Op shares to split. Just a simple membership fee and you will have a full time Marketing Guru and a Social Media company for as little as $35.00 per year working for you! (maybe I should rethink this price, I know guys that make 5 and 6 figures doing SEO/Website Work).


Not only do you benefit from the leads, I am not your competition! I am so busy doing this I do not enforce judgments any longer, I give them to you!

Basic State Listing, a Nationwide Toll Free Number, Document Preparation, a Call Center, Heck I will even Close your leads and do the paperwork needed to get you the assignment. You just file it and enforce!


90% of judgment creditors have no Idea what to do once they receive their Judgment. The Attorney they hired is not going to waste his time chasing money when he can move on to the next paying client So they come to the internet and who do they find? JudgmentEnforcementAgency.net & .com

I Have The Solution!

I actually have Debtors Calling Me looking to settle with their Creditor!

This Nationally Known, Exposed and Recognized Website and the Marketing help of Web Planet, llc., are already receiving hundreds of calls and internet inquiries from every state

Unparalleled Service

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Top Ranking on Search Engines, Social Media Marketing, Contacting Attorneys.

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Toll Free 866-50-JUDGE

Have calls routed to you!

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What is Included in the Membership?
· Your Agency Listed on the State Specific Page JudgmentEnforcementAgency.com
· Full Access to Judgment Enforcement Agency Profile Network
· Web Based Leads Generator (Leads forwarded to you)
· Discounts on All Services Offered by Vendors
· Exchange, Post, Refer, Co-Op or Pass-a-Long Leads

$35.00 per year or a lifetime membership $139.00

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Don't Take Our Word for It

WOW! I am greatly impressed with your new marketing strategy.  Thank You for the life member benefits, that is very nice. I have been very happy with the advertising that I do with you. I no longer have to mail out leads and I get plenty of business.

I just wanted to give a big THANKS to Brian! I landed a Judgment worth $381.917.81 and it is due to the on-line advertising that I do with Brian. Thanks Brian for giving me the opportunity to expand and grow my business!

JD Judgment Recovery, Carrollton, GA

I also have been doing advertising with Brian now. Simply because the people go on line type in search criteria and they pick the first company they come along to that fulfill their needs. With Brian he fulfills their needs and of course what you have to do is whoa them over after you get the lead. Keeps you from worrying about something else and if there is enough time in the day to get it accomplished.

- Byron A., Ashburn, VA 20147

Well, I am here to tell you you need to follow up on Brian’s leads. Brian sent me a lead about a week ago, and he has turned into my first contract from JEA. A $10,000+ debt originated in New York, ordered in a New Jersey County Court with a JD living in Delaware. The JC is a foreign-born national who did not have a full understanding of how people will take advantage of you. He got snookered! I will find this character and take his 60″ TV and give him a 14″ b/w. Take the Escalade and give him the ’74 Pinto. The l;aw says he has to have a car and a TV. No further definition suggested. And, the gold in his teeth just hit 1300 bux an ounce.

- Dan Glanz, Phila. PA

Count me in. It sounds like a great idea, especially for someone like me, who is trying to get the business going while still working a 9-5 everyday. So to have someone there answering the calls would in my opinion be great, we all know people don’t like to leave messages most of the time.

- Joanna, Vista Judgment Recovery, Ca

My name is Judy Muffley and I operate a judgment recovery business out of Carrollton, Georgia. I started advertising with Brian around 6 (six) months ago. Prior to advertising with Brian, I was pulling leads from the courthouse, mailing out possible leads, and spending an enormous amount of time locating enforceable judgments. Now, I no longer have to do that. The leads are sent to my email address and I simply check my email each day for possible new business. I never have to look anywhere else for business. I can’t thank Brian enough for all he has done for the JE Business. One of the judgments that I am working on now is worth a little over a half-million dollars and YES the JD has assets. If you want to see results with your advertising—check out what Brian has to offer and see how your business will grow. My time is valuable and I know yours is too. The time that I once spent pulling leads, I now spend working on the enforcement end of the judgment process. The resources are available for  your business to grow too, take advantage and get in touch with Brian and see how your business grows!

- Judy Muffley

Brian is amazing! When he started The Judgment Recovery Agency, I signed up not expecting too much. (like most of these other referral sites.)

I have received some number of referrals from Brian and JEA; and each one of them knew specifically about my calling, knew the basics of the recovery process and were willing to send the information about their judgment for evaluation.

If you are a Judgment holder and are having to make a decision of where to turn to help collecting your money, you could do no better than JEA. If you are a seasoned successful Judgment Recovery Specialist and are seeking to expand your clientele, you could do no better than Brian Petrone and JEA

- Scott S.

I have had great success. I get several calls a week.

- Jeff W. Cali

Thank you! This seems perfect so far. No cold calls, no mailing. Seriously, thank you.

- Shannan B. Texas

I am in the process of setting up my business and am looking for more marketing avenues. So please let me know if the offer still stands as I would like to sign up. I am in Columbus, Ga and wish to market to surrounding areas. Thanks

- Christina U.

My name is Lawrence with America Inside Management Service.  We do appreciate the lead.  We will be calling creditor in 24 hours.  We do appreciate any future leads you can give us.

- Lawrence Koonsi

Thanks for your quick response. We’ll look forward to talking to someone in your office about what our options are. Thanks,

Ann & John C, (creditor email)


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